Camden Jansen

Dr. Ali Mortazavi

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

I have been fascinated since my days in college with the idea of development as a program encoded in DNA. I want to learn the grammar of DNA so that I can read the “book of life”. Therefore every project in my lab ultimately connects to the regulation of gene expression using different genomics techniques such as functional genomics and comparative genomics.
While in graduate school, I helped develop two now-widely adopted methods known as ChIP-seq and RNA-seq to map protein-DNA binding and gene expression genome-wide using the latest generation of short-read sequencers. These techniques are the bread and butter of my lab. I am particularly interested in understanding the wiring of cis-regulatory networks at the level of transcription factor binding using techniques such as ChIP-seq, DNAse-seq, and ATAC-seq affecting the output of these networks, as measured by RNA-seq. My long-term goals are (a) to build accurate global models of gene-regulation during cell differentiation as well as animal development and (b) understand the evolution of these networks in sister species.

Recent Publications:

  • Assessment of transcript reconstruction methods for RNA-seq
    Steijger T, Abril JF, Engström PG, Kokocinski F; The RGASP Consortium, Akerman M, Alioto T, Ambrosini G, Antonarakis SE, Behr J, Bertone P, Bohnert R, Bucher P, Cloonan N, Derrien T, Djebali S, Du J, Dudoit S, Gerstein M, Gingeras TR, Gonzalez D, Grimmond SM, Guigó R, Habegger L, Harrow J, Hubbard TJ, Iseli C, Jean G, Kahles A, Lagarde J, Leng J, Lefebvre G, Lewis S, Mortazavi A, and 26 more authors. Nature Methods, 2013, In press
  • Integrating and mining the chromatin landscape of cell type specificity using Self-Organizing Maps
    Mortazavi A*$, Pepke S*, Jansen C, Marinov GK, Ernst J, Kellis M, Hardison R, Myers RM, Wold B$ Genome Research, 2013, In press
    *first co-authors
    $corresponding authors
  • The common ground of genomics and systems biology
    Conesa A, Mortazavi A
    BMC Systems Biology, 2013, In press
  • The Draft Genome and Transcriptome of Panagrellus redivivus are shaped by the harsh demands of a free-living lifestyle
    Srinivasan J, Dilman AR, Macchietto MG, Heikkinen L, Lakso M, Fracchia KM, Antoshechkin I, Mortazavi A, Wong G, Sternberg PW
    Genetics 2013
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Other Interests:

My main personal interests outside of biology are history, geography, economics, and politics. I am an avid fan of comedies and historical dramas. I love traveling and visiting museums.